NAPOLNARIZ: Esperandote: 7” single

Two different versions of the same song. Wait, don’t go away! This record is pretty good. From what I remember reading elsewhere (it’s detailed in the lyric sheet, but my Spanish is minimal at best—I can order food, understand directions, and a few other things, but not enough to read an article and get the gist of it), there was a falling out within in the band over how the song should actually sound. So, you get one version with lyrics and the instrumental version. There are differences in the music, and it’s not just because one has singing and the other doesn’t. The version of “Esperandote” with singing has a sense of sadness in it. The playing is slower and the guitar sounds forlorn, not to mention the vocals sometimes show pain. The instrumental is more upbeat and quicker. Sounds like it could have been from the early L.A. days. So, two versions of the same song to go along with whatever mood you may be in. This record is pretty cool, and you should track it down. You won’t be sorry. Only one hundred were pressed, and the cover art is handmade, so don’t hem and haw for too long or you will lose out.

 –M.Avrg (TPV, [email protected])