NAP EYES: Whine of the Mystic: LP

Jul 26, 2014

I listened to a couple Nap Eyes songs before they rolled through my town on that fateful April night. I thought that they were all right, but something magical happened live that made the Halifax four-piece click in my (and everyone else’s) chemically altered brain. I don’t know what it was exactly, but the people started to mosh, and then honest to goodness dance, as if we were all in the final musical number at the end of some high school teen movie. Nap Eyes play chilled-out, heavy on the pedals, make out slacker-core of the indie-tinged variety (there are not one but twosongs over seven minutes). If you’re a fan of The Modern Lovers, you are going to lose your shit for this. It’s not a carbon copy, but the Jonathan Richman feel-good spirit is all over this record. Top ten of the year no question, if not in the goddamn top five. 

 –Alanna Why (Plastic Factory)