Namella J. Kim's Best of 2001: Sprach Zarathustra- Eat Your Heart Out

Dec 17, 2001

10. The Mullens and DMZ return at The Shakedown!
9. The DC Special
8. One Man Show Live
7. The Orphans! Oh yeah, they're gonna kick 'em out! I mean your teeth.
6. The Fuse!
5. The Lords of Altamont (and The Ladies, too)
4. Detroit: New Year's Eve: The Magic Stick - The White Stripes and The Detroit Cobras (with the girl I'd go gay for, Mary- schhhoooowww!)
3. The Hives! The Hives! The Hives!
2. The King Bros.
1. Cunnilingus, beer, good perfume, illegal fireworks, playing with knives, sushi, Las Vegas, forgetting your past everyday, not regretting a thing and rock'n'roll

-Miss Namella J. Kim