Apr 28, 2016

One of my current favorite Austin, Texas bands. Nameless Frames play a strain of punk that’s catchy and will get you moving, but not in a melodic or pop kind of way. I’m at a loss for a descriptor that does them justice. See them live (anywhere you can, but vibes are best at a record store or a house party) and you’ll be jumping up and down like their bassist, who may be the sweatiest musician outside of the drummer from Flesh Lights (also of Austin). Guitars and bass sound pretty distorted and red-lined, but not blown-out in a garage trash kind of way. Guitar is most fierce in “Garbage Can” and “Exploitation”; bass most bad ass in “Cut Out” and “Control.” All the songs are good, but if I were to put Nameless Frames on a mix, I’d choose “Garbage Can” or “I Don’t Know.”

 –Sal Lucci (Super Secret,