NAKED HEROS, THE: 99 Diamond: LP

Mar 03, 2011

Growing up on the Osbourne years of Black Sabbath, I can’t help but hear that particular influence spinning out of the grooves from this picture disc (limited edition of 500 that includes an extra cut). Sure, the swinging rhythms and swirling, fuzzed-out guitar are there, but there’s more here than just some third-rate, stoner rock rip-off happening (like a lot of bands are cashing in on as of late). The Brooklyn-based ‘Heros have something here that catches more than just the Sabbath fan in me—it also touches the soft spot in my heart that I’ve always had for the Mad Daddys (RIP, Stinky!). Just enough guitar leads without venturing into wank territory, with the pummeling wall of sound that will high-stick you in the teeth like the Hanson Brothers, and if you don’t get that analogy, you’re obviously not gonna get what this LP has to offer you, Señor Oblivious. Oh, and did I mention that The Naked Heros are a two-piece consisting of a guitarist/singer and drummer? Like our own thunderous, two-piece fucker-uppers, It’s Casual here in L.A., The Naked Heros bring that shit to the table and then some. Don’t be afraid of the rock. You know you want to get yours on.

 –dale (