NAKED AGGRESSION: The Gut Wrenching Machine: CD

Nov 30, 2009

There are a few bands through the years that I have read about their history, their comings and goings and never listened to a single song by them. This is one of those bands. There a lot of people out there who are better qualified and informed about this band. All I can tell you is that they were a relevant punk band out of the LA scene during the late ‘90s. I still see kids today with their patches on. That’s saying something. History that I read off of this disc and elsewhere is that this is the demo recording of their last album of the same name. The previous album was put out by a label that gave them no promotion or support. The band was ready to embark on tour to support said record and guitarist Phil Schomel died from an asthma attack. Singer and wife Kirsten Patches was devastated and band broke up. If I’m correct, Kirsten moved to the east coast and got a degree, started teaching and eventually moved back to LA. She regained her strength and passion for music and started a new band called Meet the Virus. Coincidentally, the guitarist for Meet the Virus had done the demo recording of this CD. I’m assuming since the original album was hard to obtain and Meet the Virus is currently touring as Naked Aggression, they are paying tribute to Phil Schomel and giving a new generation a chance to hear their music. Since I am a newbee to their music, I am pretty impressed by what I’m hearing. Kirsten is a strong vocalist who seems to be able channel her energy into the songs. The songs themselves are aggressive and raw but have an underlying melody that keeps things interesting. I’m curious to hear the other version to see how the extra production affects the music. I guess I’m playing catch up once again with another band.

 –don (Rodent Popsicle)