NAILS: Abandon All Life: CD/LP

May 17, 2013

The follow-up to Unsilent Death finds Nails once again playing blistering metal in concise fashion (ten songs in seventeen minutes). As I get older I find I still love heavy, fast music, but I also find the inclusion of short bursts that comprise songs to be more of a novelty and not so much anything I’m interested in listening to repeatedly. Some acts can pull this off successfully (Pig Destroyer), but most don’t seem to have anything substantive to add to the genre by utilizing these sorts of tunes. Nails are obviously skillful musicians and know how to bring intensity and passion to their craft. ­­Their ability to find a groove and strength in the longer tracks makes them pretty formidable. However, there are only two of those songs on Abandon All Life and while both are quite good, it leads me to wonder what an entire album of such material might sound like. My guess is that it would be pretty awesome.

 –kurt (Southern Lord)