NADZÓR: Your Tolerance Is Shit If You Don’t Try to Understand Us: LP

Apr 29, 2016

Nadzor was a Polish hardcore band initially active in the ‘80s and, according to the liner notes, again active. This release consists of two demos, recorded in 1988 and ‘89, in their rehearsal space, released previously on cassette in Germany and Poland, and finally getting its first vinyl pressing here. The sound, captured by a mic placed in the middle of the room, is understandably raw, but one can largely suss out a band that mixes thrash with a tinge of metal and lyrically addresses much of the same topical material prevalent in the global scene back then—the constant threat of war, isolation, totalitarianism, and life within such an oppressive governmental state. Included is a booklet with tons of pics, lyrics, and info on the band presented in both Polish and English. A nice timepiece illustrating both punk’s influence reaching deep into even the most repressed places and the human will to resist those who would strive to bring any dissent to heel. 

 –Jimmy Alvarado (Pasazer,

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