NÜ SENSAE: Sundowning: CD

This album is like a backstage uppercut from Courtney Love prior to her screaming belly flop into Hollywood’s Sellout Hall of Fame. Listen up, Courtney. Take notes, honey. This is what you used to sound like when you gave a shit. Now onto the review: If an album could do a stage dive, Sundowning would be crowd surfing right now. Andrea’s hawkish cry is nothing less than compelling and she’s clearly one of the best vocalists I’ve heard in quite some time, blending the best qualities of Love and Donita Sparks—all razors and glass shards. This trio out of Vancouver has produced a handful of albums and 7”s, most notably Tea Swamp Park. Described as sounding like a car careening off a cliff with speed drum tempos and melodic hardcore guitars, Nü Sensae has brought Seattle-style grunge kicking and screaming into the future. Thank you, thank you. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Suicide Squeeze, suicidesqueeze.net)