May 20, 2014

Recorded and engineered by big-name ‘90s grunge muck-a-mucks Tad Doyle and Jack Endino, respectively, this quintet of Seattleites—thankfully—isn’t an updated version of Sub Pop Bong Rock, but more of a ramshackle version of upbeat, category-muddling, Pacific Northwest pop / rock / punk bands of that era like Flop and Bum (well, Bum were from Canada, so I guess that’d make it the Pacific Southwest then, wouldn’t it?), occasionally wandering into straight-up Mutant Pop Records territory. The singer’s uniquely goony pipes recall early helium-sniffers like Joey Vindictive, and the band doesn’t seem sure if they wanna write serious two-guitar boy-girl songs, or sing about fucking someone after the show, in the snow. All the same, not a bad record to play at that exact time of day when the sun starts going down and at the end of side two the little lights on your stereo receiver are pretty much the only illumination in the house and you gotta put the lights on and make a sandwich. Observations like these are why I get paid the big bucks here. BEST SONG: “All Alone.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Dancing Tonight.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: There’s an album in one side of the gatefold sleeve and a download code in the other. I call that the “Rock’n’Roll Mastectomy.” 

 –norb (Hovercraft,