MYSTERY GIRLS: Incontinopia: CD

Mar 03, 2009

Considering The Mystery Girls’ incredibly mediocre last effort (Something in the Water)—which at even five dollars from the discount record bin, the album’s still a rip-off—the brilliance of Incontinopia is blindsiding. In four years, The Mystery Girls have developed precipitously in musical and lyrical development. In particular, Michael Zink on bass is shit hot; just check the lines on “Quit Your Flyin’ Around” and “I Took the Poison.” Main songwriter Jordan Davis is penning stuff worth remembering. And Casey Grajek’s sole contribution (“We’re So Illegal”) is also noteworthy. Forget Something in the Water; pick Incontinopia—a little Compulsive Gamblers and Flash Express influenced—and give these kids a second chance. Well worth it.

 –ryan (In The Red)