MYSTECHS: Escape from Planet Love: CD

Glimpsing at the cover art, a fella might reasonably hope for the contents within to contain some modestly unexpected merger of the Minds, Lords of Acid, and Manplanet ((to say nothing of mid-80’s Aussie college rockers Painters & Dockers, whose 1985 Love Planet album was far superior both musically and graphically)). Unfortunately, the contents contain nothing of the sort, instead subjecting me to a substantial barrage of white dork funk/hip-hop with “wacky” lyrics, albeit a well-played and recorded version of same. Never cared much for funk, Zappa, nor Ween, thus i would feel few pangs of remorse were i to re-gift this item to someone who might actually enjoy it, like Jenny Jones. BEST SONG: These guys don’t seem like bad folks, but there is honestly not one song on this disc i like at all. BEST SONG TITLE: “Quasimojo” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Not only is “Orgasmatron” not the Motörhead song of the same name, but “Astroglide” is not the Mocean Worker song of the same name, either. You fuckers didn’t think i knew Mocean Worker, did you? No. No you did not. Ha. I’m down. I’m so down. Ha.

 –norb (Omega Point)