MYLENE ZINE, THE, VOL. 2 #2: $?, 5” x 8”, glossy cover and content, ? pgs.

Nov 30, 2010

This zine is a vehicle for the record label, The Mylene Sheath. Nothing wrong with that as many record labels started as zines (Touch & Go, Second Nature, etc.) The content is slightly interesting; I enjoyed the interviews with label art director Nate Shumaker and Matt Jones from Pirates Press. I only really cared about the interview with Shumaker because I used to love his old hardcore band, Everdown. Jones’s interview was actually pretty informative about what goes into making vinyl records. The rest of the zine isn’t that interesting; an excessive amount of poetry seems to drag down the quality. A couple of short stories, some artist interviews, and a few comics round things out. (The Mylene Zine, PO Box 12029, Covington, KY 41012)



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