MY SO-CALLED BAND: Weapons of Mass Distortion: CDEP

Feb 28, 2008

Full disclosure: Chris Peigler, who plays in My So-Called Band, does live reviews and columns on Weapons of Mass Distortion is the most straightforward and no-nonsense My So Called Band release I’ve heard. As a trio, the songs are more direct and shorn of the occasional meandering parts. If long-term enthusiasm, a fully tested arsenal of ethics, and living in a town (Charlotte, NC) with little to no appreciation for honest, DIY punk rock could be distilled into songs, My So Called-Band nails it. What works the most for this band is a greater understanding of punk rock in general while dipping into wells deeper than any one genre could provide. It’s like they’ve cribbed notes from the play lists of past greats as diverse as DOA to Naked Raygun to the MC5 – like a skeleton – but it’s all joined by a workmanlike ethos – the muscle – that keeps it from being merely a musically cut and paste affair. Separate parts, yet joined, and it’s a good listen.

 –todd (Suicide Watch)