MY SO-CALLED BAND: Weapons of Mass Distortion: CD

Aug 06, 2009

If the Chris Peigler who plays bass in this band is the same Chris Peigler whose been preaching reason to MRR editors about the whole Rich Mackin saga, then, Chris Peigler of My So-Called Band, I salute you! MRR-letters-to-the-editor-based-compliments aside, I couldn’t get into this. Power chords, standard punk rock thing, with not that great political lyrics about Rachel Corrie (an activist who died in Palestine), the Patriot Act, and even my favorite kind of war—class war! I really wanted to like this, but, unfortunately, it’s just Oh’s. I like honey-based crunchy stuff. I like Honey Nut Cheerios. In theory, it sounds so good, but then, you eat it.

 –maddy (SW Records)