My Life Is Great: The Stevie Stiletto Story: DVD/CD

Dec 22, 2009

Before putting this DVD on, I was almost tempted to do a Google search on it to see if this was a Spinal Tap-esque mockumentary. It looked a little suspect, especially since the back cover describes this Stevie Stiletto character as “legendary,” which I’m sure he is to someone, somewhere (quite possibly in Jacksonville, Florida, where he’s from). However, My Life Is Great: The Stevie Stiletto Story, is a totally legit documentary. I’ve personally never heard of Stevie Stiletto, but I guess that’s where this DVD will help out in spreading the word of his apparent legendary status.

In the wake of Anvil! The Story of Anvil, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more documentaries about lovable loser bands or musicians that never quite got their recognition over the course of their careers. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite as entertaining as the Anvil doc. For what seems like an eternity, friends and family of Mr. Stiletto share story after story about him and his years of playing “punk rock” (which sounds like Mötley Crüe, actually), and it gets dull fast. This documentary suffers from lack of video evidence as well, as there are just a lot of still photos. I completely respect Stevie Stiletto for being an old rocker dude that has stuck in there and slugged it out with life (including liver problems that almost killed him), but I was just bored by this. Comes with a CD of Stevie’s music, which I rather enjoyed for its fun cheesiness. –Andy Conway (Geneva l3 Press,

PO Box 13, Geneva, NY14456)