MY [email protected]!#%D UP APT. BLDG.: AN AMERICAN MEMOIR OF LOW-RENT HOUSING, Vol. 1-2: $?, 7 x 8 ½, photocopied, 24 pgs.

Michael L. Treat uses words and illustrations in both installments of this zine to tell stories from his four-plus years in a St. Paul tenement building. Ink is his medium, which works well stylistically, as many of the stories told here are grim. The various black and grey tones throughout both installments serve his wide-eyed reporting of cops, livestock, and loneliness well throughout. I got both of these at the same time, so it’s interesting to look at the differences in approach: in the first issue, Treat uses a thin, kinda comic-y font, for lack of a better term, to deliver the narratives that accompany each of his drawings. I didn’t think much of this choice one way or the other until the second issue, in which he switches to a thicker, blockier font, which adds more weight to each page. With all this said, the heft, both visually and narratively, is offset by humor, which makes the more disturbing stories that much more impactful. I’m assuming Mr. Treat has a limited number of stories, but there’s no reduction of their quality from the first issue to the second, so I’m interested to see where he goes from here. –Michael T. Fournier (Michael L. Treat LLC/Smirking Tiger, PO Box 6928, MPLS, MN 55406)