MXPX: The Road Less Traveled b/w You Hold the Key: 7"

Jul 05, 2001

How appropriate. Urine-colored vinyl. I'll listen to Christian punk if and only if the following things are completed: 1.) The Catholic church officially renounces Pope Pius XII's seal of tacit approval - and the clause of papal infallibility - of the Nazis during WWII. 2.) The Church gives a full and unilateral reprieve of Galileo. (In 1983, 341 years after the fact of imprisoning one of the greatest minds this world ever saw, the Catholic Church accepted that Galileo "might" be right about the earth rotating around the sun.) Ok, it's not fair for the sins of the father to be bestowed upon the son. MXPX just has to face it. They're a boy band with tattoos who write bland pop songs for 14-year-old girls.

 –todd (Fat, PO Box 193690, SF, CA 94119)

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