MXPX: The Renaissance EP: CD

Sep 22, 2009

Let me first say that I am by no means a Christian. I am probably the furthest thing from one. With that said, the first thing I thought when I received this to review was to use the CD as a flying guillotine to control the stray cat population in my apartment complex. Contrary to that first impulse, I decided to pull myself away from internet porn and listen to this with an open mind and try to develop an unbiased opinion on it. The music on this CD has that run of the mill poppy punk sound to it. Nothing new. Just very bland and uneventful. It reminds me of the so-called-punk bands the 10-12 year-old girls in elementary school are listening to on the radio. You know who they are. The lyrical themes are along the lines of self empowerment, doing what is "right" and treating everyone equally no matter their differences (insert vomit sound here). The band seems to try to mask their religious intent, opting to use terms like "something in the back of my mind," "whom do we really serve" and "fix your heart and your mind will follow" instead of actually blurting out "JESUS CHRIST." I guess they figure the little girls that listen to them won't figure this out. After listening to all nine songs of this drivel, I quickly went back to the porn on the internet to get this out of my mind. I then recalled what my first impulse was when I received this CD. "Here kitty kitty."

 –toby (Fat)