MUTINY MUTINY: Don’t Quit Your Day Job: CD/LP

May 21, 2014

Mutiny Mutiny is a three-piece act from Seattle comprised of male and female vocals. Don’t Quit Your Day Job is twelve songs of what could broadly be described as indie rock. The band has the talent to work within a number of sounds and genres, but really needs to focus on a style. Sometimes the music was aggressive, sometimes poppy, sometimes danceable, but seemed to lack consistency across the board. I know it’s my interest in heavier, more sinister music, but I found the aggressive sound that begins such tracks as “Senseless Theater” more appealing, but it was rarely showcased. The male vocals on that track seem urgent and even the female vocals on that song complement the sound. Fugazi is obviously an influence and—due to the competing male/female vocals—it’s hard not to hear The Evens. However, even within tracks, the band isn’t always consistent. “(It’s a) Chop Shop” is darker (perhaps it’s because of the line they lifted from Slayer?) and at times sludgier before becoming melodic. The closer, “Rapture Fail!,” is also a shadowy tune, and it causes me to realize that the male vocals have much more power and possibility for a serious sound. A few less songs and a real focus on what makes the band strong could greatly improve their material. 

 –kurt (Self-released,