MUTANTS: Fun Terminal: CD

Sep 10, 2009

This is one o’ those bands that was pretty popular on the west coast back when they were active, but only seem to be remembered these days by collectors. They were from San Francisco, dressed really weird for their equally weird sets, trashed many a stage from the Gay Bay to Lost Angeles, were friends of the DKs and did not play hardcore. Au contraire, they sound poppy in a quirky, punky kinda way, somewhere between the B-52s and the Police’s edgier moments. I remember taping many of their songs off of long dead radio shows and I always liked that arty new wave sound they had. Presented here is their only album, an EP, a demo and live tracks from a couple o’ comps, including their tracks from “Live from the Deaf Club.” It’s kinda sad hearing this stuff after so many years because this style was a pretty damn good listen when played right and it’s rare that one hears it anymore. I imagine that most will say that this sounds dated, doesn’t hold up well, blah blah blah, but for me it brought back memories of days when one could see Black Flag, the Go Gos, the Suburban Lawns and Los Lobos on the same bill; a time when punk rock was still more a concept than a set of marginalized pigeonholes that one should force themselves into and never deviate.

 –jimmy (White Noise)