MUTANT: Self-titled: 7”

Aug 29, 2006

I get really excited when I get a package from Canada that is addressed from Schizophrenic Records. I have been corresponding with Craig for probably close to ten years. He would probably know better. As I’m pushing closer to forty, my mind is short circuiting sometimes. In my hands is another gem that the crazy Canuck has decided to release. I look at the cover and see most of the song titles are in Japanese. So, a new band from Tokyo, Japan, huh. How bad could this be? Not bad at all! Knowing what this label likes to release, it’s going to be a punisher. A wail of a vocal and the thundering of some blast beats come blaring out of my speakers. It reminded me if Japanese bands Slang meets the Slight Slappers and Senseless Apocalypse to share DNA to create a new band. Not that this is all power violence. They come out with some straight but fast punk numbers. They mix up the tempos, but keep coming back with the blast beats to not let you forget that they are out to blow a new hole in you. I was playing this at 33 rpm because there are nine songs. I played it all the way through and didn’t really think too much about it. The music sounded fine but the vocals did sound a little weird. So I replayed it at 45 rpm and all I could say was whoa. I really almost wet myself because I had the volume up a little too loud. Songs were now blazing out at rapid succession. This band plays pretty damn fast and the vocals are shrieking. I felt exhausted after a few spins at the right speed. These guys need to tour now and bring this madness to the Western Hemisphere.

 –don (Schizophrenic)

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