MUTANT SCUM: Field Recordings: CS

Mar 22, 2016

This casette comes complete with your very own hermetically sealed sample of ectoplasm painstakingly collected from ground zero of the hottest scientific discovery of the twenty-first century. Right here, on our beloved home planet, scientists have unearthed a new species of being. As explained by business management program junior, Skippy Williams of Jersey City State College, N.J., the species is believed to be the forgotten product of industrial waste and left to fester in the “way down deeps of Brooklyn, NY’s Newton Creek.” So far, research is inconclusive. Musicians, mutant waste, a Brooklyn favorite of the scientific community, and byproducts of said festering industrial waste have been tapped to seek out the help of the global community in the hope to prove the validity of government funding for the research of our new “neighbors.” Thus samples of this species’ excrement have been included with this album, allowing scientists worldwide to get the chance to, “Take a crack at it, yeah?” as stated by a member of Society for Estuary Waste Education and Research whom wishes to remain anonymous at this time. Joke or not, preserving our water supply is a big fuckin’ deal, so why not have some fun whilst raising awareness with some super tight metallic punk? 

 –Jackie Rusted (Sewer, / Handstand,