MUTANT PRESS: Idiots Rule & Music for Elevators: CD

Sep 25, 2007

The intriguing thing about these two releases wasn’t so much the music itself but the marked difference in styles from one album to the next. While Idiots Rule runs along an “early Pere Ubu in a rockin’ mood while Dave Thomas is off gettin’ a beer” kinda vibe, Music for Elevators has a pronounced hip hop/electronic vibe around the drums and bass. The reason for this seems to be more about membership than aesthetic—the former was recorded by a three-piece, while it appears the latter features only one member as the responsible party. All told, the latter proved to be the more interesting of the two, if for no other reason than the lack of additional musical input seems to have required some creativity to keep it from sounding like a one-man band. All told, though, while neither fell into the must-have column, they weren’t too bad a listen, either.

 –jimmy (