Jul 10, 2009

I'm ready to be happy again. The overabundant influx of ska bands that we had to endure during the late '90s almost killed the genre for me. Now that the bad, "I'm going to get rich and famous," wannabe bands have given up, the quality of the releases is going back up. Take Mustard Plug for instance. I have always liked this band. I think I appreciated every release that I received. This release I would compare to the most recent Bosstones record; a sense of familiarity and I notice a maturity to their sound. The music is the same with the sound of skanking guitars and the presence of happy horns. The songs are tight and feel like they have worked on them until they were just right. This is not a bunch of songs just to get a bunch of songs out there. I feel like they are doing it for the love of the music. Ska lovers take notice.


 –don (Hopeless)

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