MUSTAPHAMOND: Self-titled: 7"

May 20, 2008

This is textbook Tourette’s-core. Six or seven seconds of light, happy-skipping lollipop music suddenly has the wiggly blue organs ripped out of it by a screaming, bug-eyed fiend with a scythe dripping with blood and clumps of blubber and then it falls like a feather back into cuddly unicorns and dancing marshmallows for maybe twenty seconds or so and then the smiles explode into a nightmare of stringy cadavers flying through the sky, tangling in trees and after about a minute the focus suddenly softens to the Snuggles bear giggling like a child in a pile of fluffy clean laundry. Note to the band: they now have drugs for stuff like this. I can only imagine that abrupt emotion eruptions like this must make for awkward moments at the pottery wheel in your Advanced Pottery class. Or is it all merely the simple joy of clicking the little button that switches between the clean and dirty channels on your amps? (By the way, is Korn responsible for this?) I don’t know if this is one-legged screamcore or just amped-up mawkish emo, but if you’re fond of herky-jerky emotion bungee jumps, this bilge is for you. 

 –aphid (Grey Sky)