MUSIC/NINJA:: 8-song EP: 7”

May 27, 2009

Although I’m not convinced that the band themselves know if they should go for the minimalism and angularity of Wire (“My TV”), the stark moodiness of Joy Division (“Donny Donny”), or straight-ahead lo-fi, primarily atonal, Flipper-ish punk blasts (“A Cop, a Clown, and a Handgun” and “The Record Player and Me”), I’ll give them this – everything about them sounds icy, cold, and brittle. Too arty to be robots, they go well out of their way mute all harmonies and hooks. Just as I wouldn’t like watching a flash-frozen dog thrown out of a skyscraper every day, on occasion it’s interesting to see music shard, crash, and chunk apart instead of merely falling down, bouncing a couple times, and becoming completely pulverized. Definitely not for everyone. Hell, definitely not for me most of the time, but interesting nonetheless.

 –todd (Strandad Sjobuse)