MUSIC MAGAZINE #1: $7, 8 ½” x 5½” glossy/perfect bound, 42 pgs.

Nov 21, 2013

This is definitely the most eclectic music zine I’ve ever read. Where else will you read an interview with the drummer from Semisonic, Naked Eyes, and a review of the Breeders’ LSXX? The editor says that he is tired of seeing “older music” get passed over just because it’s not new anymore. As someone who really enjoys Naked Eyes (“Promises, Promises” and “Always Something There to Remind Me” are definitely going to make an eleventh-hour appearance in my karaoke repertoire after reading this zine), I was glad to have to reexamine bands that I’d forgotten about or hadn’t listened to in awhile. That said, after lending an ear to some of the bands I hadn’t already heard, I didn’t feel like I’d been missing out on anything. –Bianca Barragan (