MUSIC FROM THE FILM: How the West Was Once: CD

May 13, 2011

I have problems judging things of this nature because I have nothing against experimental music, but I also don’t really understand a lot of it. This is a cacophony of slowed-down voices, arbitrary drum riffs, interspersed random instruments, and a heavy dose of Theremin. When listening to a project like this, I try to remember what I thought the first time I heard a Butthole Surfers record. Did I get that the first time I heard it? I don’t remember, but I sort of doubt that I did. What bothers me about this sort of thing is that it often doesn’t build to anything significant. I like The Thrones because there is something to latch onto in terms of songwriting. Still, I am okay with stretching the convention of structure. I like the soundtrack to Forbidden Planet. I could probably learn to like this as well. And by “like,” I mean listen to on drugs.

 –Billups Allen (