Mar 19, 2002

Okay, I figured, hey, a band named Mushroomhead, maybe they got it from the Can song, right? Guess not. This band looks exactly like Slipknot, masks and all, only they have eight guys instead of nine. Apparently there’s some dispute which band of the two was the first with the image, but I can’t say I give a shit – either way it’s pretty corny. Basically if you’re at all into Slipknot maybe it’d be worthwhile you check this out. I personally have a low tolerance for the kind of thing where guys in the band give themselves dumbass names like “Gravy” and “Shmotz” and “Stitch,” but hey, maybe if you’re a thirteen-year-old goth guy this seems like the coolest shit in the world, I don’t know. It just seems stupid to me. Note: cover of “Empty Spaces” by Pink Floyd scores new high on pointlessness meter.

 –Aaron J. Poehler (Universal)