MURDERESS: The Last Thing You Ever See...: LP

Jan 11, 2011

Dark and haunting metallic crust that paints a picture of a dark world. A fitting soundtrack for a modern day horror house. There is an element I just can’t pin down that makes me think of witches. The vocals are pulled back in the mix a bit and use a liberal amount of reverb or echo to recreate a sound of a women screaming in an abandoned church. The guitar riffs add that black metal tone to create textured ambiance that sounds like fear amongst the heavy chords that are played. The drums drive and accent the notes to accentuate the power. There is a bit of dirtiness that I like coming from the bass that you can hear it on its own while still adding to mix. The band has a sound that I would compare as a mix of Kylesa meets Agrimonia. The ability to create a musical soundscape with emotion catches my attention and to do it consistently sells me every time. A solid release.

 –don (Aborted Society)