MURDERER’S ROW: The Bully Breed: CD

Sep 23, 2011

This is some really badly played street punk with double guitars. Said guitars do solos and leads, all of which suck. They steal a Bruce Springsteen quote here as well, “I got bills no honest man can pay.” These guys throw in “and debt,” but that doesn’t fix it. If anything, it proves they don’t know what bills are. In this same song (“Piss Poor Working Class”) the singer yells out, “The wife is always bitching, says I drink too much.” You probably do, which is why you’re broke. These guys are just delusional: “they call us modern Vikings.” No, they don’t. Nobody has ever called you that. Your songs are about having a shitty job, staring at the clock, and being a drunk... do you honestly believe that’s what being a modern Viking is? Man, Zimmerman was right. The times are a-changin’. There are Vikings rolling in their graves, but not the ones who got sent out in boats and then burned, because they don’t really have graves.

 –Rene Navarro (Durty Mick)