MURDERBURGERS, THE: How to Ruin Your Life: CD

An album’s worth of pretty convincing pop punk from Scotland. Maddy Tight Pants would have a lengthy review ready, complete with cereal comparisons, but me, I’ll just say they sound like a pretty convincing do-over of How to Make Enemies-period Screeching Weasel, without the heavy pop culture nods. Songs like “Broken Brain” carry a surprisingly dark undertone to them, while the follow-up “Moron” (with its notably catchy chorus of “You’re a fucking moron” x 100 or so) takes a blitzkrieg Ramones approach. It’s hard to make stuff like this truly memorable, but the Murderburgers aren’t slouches. Nothing new, but How to Ruin Your Life is certainly nothing for fans of It’s Alive, Red Scare, or the Lookout back catalog to shy away from.

 –keith (Monster Zero)