MURDERBURGERS: Burned Out/Worn Out: CD

May 13, 2011

I’ve actually eaten at Murderburger. It’s a hot new pop-up restaurant that serves, of course, delicious burgers. Those burgers are made out of the ground and grilled flesh of hapless bands that have been found guilty of making tedious and generic pop punk, much like the smiley-faced bullshit on this disc. Normally I don’t eat meat, but I made a delicious exception when I went to Murderburger. Next time the band Murderburger plays “Braindead (from Hanging Round with You),” I hope they keep their eyes open for the staff of Murderburger the restaurant. I’d hate to see these kids end up at the wrong end of a spatula before they have a chance to make amends by writing some original songs instead of this worn out garbage.

 –mp (Monster Zero)