MURDER, THE: Till Death: CD

Jul 29, 2010

Great, another tough guy street punk band from Boston... What? Wait just one hot second here. This is interesting. This is tough but fun punk rock with a singer who sounds a lot like Larry May from the Candy Snatchers. The songs are tight and bounce along with ferocity but I still can’t stop tapping my toe and bobbing my head around. The other singer is a little more stereotypical, but it all seems to work without being cartoony at all. The little ska guitar thing that appears in the fourth song doesn’t really work for me, but I can get over it... Wait, the next song is all reggae’d out in the intro... and the end of the song. WHY?! At least they finish off with a barn burner with that Larry May-sounding guy! A message to all you Dropkick Murphys clone bands out there: This band is a good example to show you that you can play this genre and not sound like a carbon copy. That’s right, not a bagpipe to be found here. Ska and reggae notwithstanding, I’d like to hear more from these guys.

 –ty (