MURDER BY GUITAR: Rock Bottom: 7”

Feb 15, 2007

Two-thirds of The Locomotions come together to make MBG; Loco Lopez (also of Sons of Cyrus) and Martin Savage (also of The Blacks and Dixie Buzzards). And this feels like a logical extension, continuing in the power pop direction of The Locomotions, but a little slower and controlled, maybe even more ‘70s radio friendly. The title track is great, popping guitars to get you moving into full head-nod. I guess the name of the band refers to too much nodding, snap your head! Side B is capable, “I’ll Be Gone” not memorable but the last song “Wrong Side of Town” confirms this band is gonna make a cool full-length in the future. Press kit says Real Kids backing up Roky Erickson on Teenage Head songs, that’s a pretty big expectation but I can’t entirely deny it. Turn up the radio.

 –mike (Alien Snatch Records,