Jul 23, 2007

I sleep a little better at night knowing that the void in my life caused by Billy Childish only releasing a few records each year—instead of, like, a couple dozen, which was the case maybe fifteen or so years ago—is being so capably filled by Martin Savage, who turns up in a new band of Stockholm garage sensations pretty much every pay period these days. Things adhere pretty much to the standard M. Savage blueprint—spare, thin, forceful, and garagey—with the defining characteristic being a certain observance of late-’70s post-punkish song structure infecting the guitar/guitar/drums/occasional Casio base coat. The dude doesn’t make too many bad records, so, please, consider a trip to the buffet lest you waste away to nothing and be unable to fulfill your conjugal duties as a result. BEST SONG: “There’s a Murder Going On” BEST SONG TITLE: “There’s a Murder Going On” I guess FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “Tracy” is not the Cuff Links song. That’s a pretty lame Fantastic Amazing Trivia Fact, but we all need to tighten our belts a little these days.

 –norb (Human Audio)

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