MUNCIE GIRLS: Sleepless: CD/12” EP

Nov 13, 2013

In 2012 Muncie Girls, released a flawless record in the Revolution Summer 12”EP. It had five fantastic songs, pretty much putting this band on the top of the pile in the U.K. Twelve months on, and Muncie Girls offer up four tracks that work much in the same vein as those earlier songs—mesmeric, indie pop-infused punk, making full use of the guitar, bass, and drum combo, all topped off with Lande Hekt’s luscious voice fronting the trio. It was a tough task to follow on from Revolution Summer, but the band has done a damn good job with three very strong tracks, all of which warm the cockles of my heart. My expectations for this record were (overly and unfairly?) high and Muncie Girls has only slightly fallen short of meeting them in full.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Specialist Subject, [email protected],