MUNCIE GIRLS: From Caplan to Belsize: LP

Apr 29, 2016

In 2012 I saw Muncie Girls for the first time and, despite them being desperately nervous, it was obvious there was something special waiting to come from the three teenagers. That year I saw the band six times and on each occasion there was definite progression as the Muncies gradually grew in confidence. In the intervening years there were a slew of excellent indie-punk singles. However, good things come to those that wait and From Caplan to Belsizeis everything I could have wished for. All the trademark attributes of the trio hit new heights, individually and collectively, as Dean McMullen and Luke Ellis—guitar and bass respectively—provide the more extravagant moments countered by Lande Hekt’s lilting bass lines and mesmerizing vocals. If you do nothing else, seek out the video for the standout track, “Respect,” which features a huge singalong chorus very much at odds with its strong anti-misogynistic message. Finally, I must acknowledge one gloriously incongruous moment in “I Don’t Want to Talk about It” with its cry of “Oi oi!” which left me resembling a Cheshire Cat for longer than I care to say. An album destined to be played many, many times by me. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Specialist Subject, [email protected],

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