MULTICULT: Spaces Tangled: LP

Sep 05, 2012

Out of Baltimore, this trio has let their second full length fly. In “Stop Calling,” post grunge builds on noise rock with sharply strummed chords and battle cry vocals. “Groteske” showcases their ironic lyrics with a shout out to Gerard Depardieu and almost sounds like it’s played at 35 RPM instead of 45 with its slow-as-molasses crescendo. I kept anticipating the rest of the melody and wanting to pull the song along—not a bad thing! “Billows” is the most straight forward grunge’n’roll track constructed on a couple of fuzzed-out, alternating guitar hooks. Pulling from At the Drive-In’s pure energy and others like Bad Brains and New York’s Manual Zombie, Multicult has handpicked some of the best components of post punk in attempts to assemble a new patronage. I’m all in. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Sleeping Giant Glossolalia,