MULTICULT: “Jaws” b/w “Luxury”: 7”

May 20, 2014

Following up 2012’s Spaces Tangled, Multicult maintains their rep, boiling off the excess of dreary post-punk and dropping in fizzy chords. Firmly planted on a fat, meaty bass hook, “Jaws” opens up like a track in a chase scene—focused, earnest in its pursuit mimicking A Place To Bury Strangers steeped in hydrochloric acid or the wordless, nefarious hunter vs. prey beats of French electro bad boys, Gesaffelstein And The Hacker. Their take on this instrumental blueprint has the guitar at center stage punctuated by crashing cymbals and zombie mumble vocals that melt into the onslaught. In comparison, “Luxury” is almost funky. Like “Jaws,” a jangly baritone bass line serves as nucleus for the flip side, alternating from ‘70s guitar blitz like a Cream hook turned inside out, then back to the bass. These two jams make me hopeful for another full length. Recommended. 

 –Kristen K. (Reptilian,