MULLENS, THE: Tough to Tell: CD

Sep 21, 2009

These maddaddy musical miscreants kick out the jams and then some with high-energy rock'n'roll intensity ala The Rolling Stones (before they became biliously boring old farts wrapped in a repetitiously nonfunctioning swirl of chord progression redundancy), the New York Dolls, and The Damned (pre-goth glam glumness). Yep, The Mullens effortlessly epitomize beer-guzzlin' barroom-brawlin' rock'n'roll robustness at its blisterin' ball-bustin' best (as it should be!): wild, carefree, steady, fast, loud, belligerent, and fun! Pouty, flirtatiously sinful vocals, stylishly cool Johnny Thunders-knuckledustin'-Keith Richards guitar-slingin' swagger, and a juicy, stomping, nicely well-rounded rhythm section of earth-crumblin' fury all make "Tough to Tell" an irresistible ear-scorching platter of rock'n'roll crunch well worth your undivided audial attention. I religiously recommend it!

 –guest (Get Hip)