MUHAMMADALI: Future Songs: Cassette

Nov 13, 2013

Wait, this is the same band that did a split with Unfun? Huh. To their credit, I cannot for the life of me pin this band’s sound down with any precision. It’s like a crazed melting pot of, I don’t know, Matthew Sweet, Sundials, and some Goner band all mixed and smooshed together. Part “alternative” rock, part sludgy post-rock, part garage punk. It’s interesting, I suppose. But maybe it’s the minimal packaging or the odd, noodling synthesizer scattered throughout. Maybe it’s the irritating soundbites or just the feeling I got that the songs are really trying to go like hell to go somewhere but never quite manage to arrive at their destination. Whatever it is, I couldn’t really get into Future Songs. The album just fell flat for me. One of those deals where I feel like, hell, all the pieces are there—I’ve practically got an obligation to like the album. But I just didn’t. Sorry, fellows.

 –keith (Dirt Cult)