MUGRE: En Estos Tiempos: EP

Apparently, these guys have been kicking around in Los Angeles for more than a few years now. Yet, this is my introduction to them. It’s totally my loss. I’ve always said that the less melody in hardcore, the better. While I do love me some Tragedy, I’m always more in favor of dark, crushing heaviness than an acoustic interlude. No unplugged instruments here, folks. All a hardcore band really needs to do to leave a lasting impression is play raw, fast, and pissed. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with this record. Straight-up “We’re not here to fuckin’ amuse you” hardcore. There’s an endless string of bands with a similar approach to this sound. But Mugre, seemingly without effort, stands out amongst the clones. Or should I say stood out. I write this the night after they played their last show ever less than a mile from where I stay. Bummer. Let this record be the final shovel full of dirt on the makeshift grave of yet another highly underrated Los Angeles hardcore band.

 –Juan Espinosa (Lengua Armada, no contact info.)