MUFFS, THE: Whoop Dee Doo: LP/CD

The Muffs will always remind me of Flipside fanzine. Throughout the years I bought it, Flipsidewas like a window to another world—sometimes exotic, other times sleazy—and it was that publication which brought The Muffs to my attention. From the first time I heard them I was a fan, as I fell for the way the guitars drove the songs along with more hooks than your local DIY hardware store as well as Kim Shattuck’s unique delivery of lyrics—both sweet and sour—frequently accompanied by her unforgettable snarl/growl. Now ten years on since the last long player, Whoop Dee Doo marks a return that brings all of those memories rushing back and it’s no surprise that the songs sound exactly like a fan would expect them to. It’s poppy and melodic but it’s not exactly pure pop punk, nor is it plain melodic punk—it’s just The Muffs and that means there is also a love of 1960s rock’n’roll thrown in for good measure. Yes, Shattuck’s voice is showing some slight wear and tear, but she still has the ability to send shivers up and down my spine with her vocal performance and I continue to love this band for all the enjoyment it gives me.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Burger / Cherry Red)