MUDLARK: Self-titled: LP + 7”

Jan 12, 2010

Do you feel like slow or fast today? Indecisive? Here is a bit of cacophony for you. This band of misfits from the Vancouver, Canada area take it down to a snails pace and play some dirgy sludge. Then they kick it into gear with some rocket-fueled explosions of grindcore and powerviolence. In tone, it’s dark and apocalyptic while feeling weighted down with thick mud that it makes you feel stoned while being sober. Accelerated portions that make you feel like you are about to have a heart attack from too much caffeine. Only LSD or mushrooms can take you on an aural adventure like this. But wait, I have only listened to only one side of the record. I have another side and the accompanying 7” that I have listen to. I better get some beers to keep me leveled. The senses are going to be taken for a brutal and punishing ride.

 –todd (Schizophrenic)