Nov 28, 2006

Remember, if you will, the days when garage rock really meant a bunch of kids in a garage trying their darnedest to sound like the Beatles. Of course they failed in that objective for any number of reasons: poor equipment and lack of a producer the equal of George Martin being the two primary ones. What some of them did manage to achieve, however, was a level of energy and joy the Fab Four lost somewhere in Hamburg before any of our kids in garages ever heard of them. This is what Muck And The Mires do better than any other band I know of. Drawing inspiration not only from The Beatles, but also from all those bands on the Nuggets compilations, these four Boston music scene vets have brought us a real gem of party record here: good time rock’n’roll without any self-righteousness or even a hint of any subject matter heavier than boy-meets-girl/girl-dumps-boy. Front man Evan Shore writes three-minute, three-chord songs about love found and love lost as well as anybody, anywhere. This is a good ‘un.

 –brian (Dionysus)

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