MUCH WORSE: Proper Execute: EP

Nov 30, 2010

These guys have somewhat raised the bar for what I’ve come to expect from present day hardcore bands. They have a Japanese ‘80s hardcore influence, but are definitely from the Midwest. The music is fast, heavy, raw, and burly—all the ingredients you need in pursuit of what makes a quality hardcore band. The lyrics are sometimes strange (check out “Mudbrain”), but never dull, nor derivative. “Need New Sights” has a great mid-’80s style breakdown to offset the manic thrash that makes up the majority of the tune. The songs are often on the fast side, but they use tempo changes wisely to accentuate the power. Certainly a band to get excited about. Pass Judgement only pressed 300 of the first edition up, and these are now sold out, but fret not, the repress should be out by the time you read this.

 –M.Avrg (Pass Judgement,