MR. PLOW: Mad Plow Disease: CD

Mar 27, 2007

Do you like GG Allin? How about Raffi? Have you ever heard what the two would sound like if mixed together? Enter Mr. Plow! Acoustic punk rock dirtiness that will have you crying with laughter at every turn. Why try and describe it when I can let the song titles speak for themselves. “Crackhead Momma,” “Are You Really a Guy?”, and “Morning Boner” are obviously love songs while “Officer BJ,” “Bitch Slap Me Face,” and “Meat Truck Carnival” are just songs about life in East Vancouver. Oh, and bonus points for taking Joey Shithead up on his dare to write a song about him (“DOA”). The best in feel good, scuz-rock acoustichaos!

 –ty (Crusty)