MR. PLOW: Chairman Plow’s Little Red Book: CD

Jul 13, 2006

Vancouver’s favorite acousticomedy master is back with another laugh-fest. If you’ve heard Plow before, you know what to expect as he doesn’t change it up much. For the uninitiated, Mr. Plow is the bastard child of Raffi and GG Allin (a fact that I’m sure I’ve mentioned before in these very pages). He plays songs that sound as if your child would be stoked…until the lyrics kick in, that is. This time out he slays MSN, emo, Ted McGinley, gay skinheads and all the usual sucking and fucking that’s fit for acoustic accompaniment. The second half of the disc has a smattering of remixes of older songs with a full band that sound great too. If you’ve got a sick sense of humor it’s worth checking out.

 –ty (Crusty)